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Wandering Bear Organic Cold Brew Coffee On Tap, Vanilla, 96 fl oz Closed 
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Wandering Bear Organic Cold Brew Coffee On Tap, Vanilla, 96 fl oz

Product Details
Wandering Bear is cold brew for coffee lovers. Our organic Vanilla cold brew on tap (96 fl. oz., 16 servings) lives in your fridge (its natural habitat) and is ready-to-drink, not some concentrate you have to pull bartending mixology moves on while you’re still half-asleep. Wandering Bear is so smooth you can drink it black (hello, street cred), and made with only simple, high-quality ingredients. It’s sure to be in line with whatever lifestyle is in trend: Remember when we loved soy, and then we all hated soy? Wandering Bear is cool with both. Paleo? Check. Whole30? Check. Vegan? Check. You do you. Plus, with three times as much caffeine as your average cup of joe, mornings have finally met their match.

  • DELICIOUS, FRESH COLD BREW COFFEE: Our coffee is so smooth, you can drink it black. Time to impress your friends.  Plus, our packaging keeps it fresher, longer so your first cup is always as good as your last.
  • READY TO DRINK: Cold brew on demand - on tap in your fridge, ready when you want it, not some not-yet-drinkable concentrate. No morning mixology required.
  • COFFEE ON TAP: Our unique packaging keeps your cold brew fresh even after opening (sorry, light and air, you can take your drama elsewhere); our brew stays fresh for 30 days after opening (allegedly -- no box has actually made it a full month in the fridge)
  • HEALTHY: No sugar, no unnecessary ingredients, all organic - just Fair Trade certified coffee beans and water. Paleo, Whole30, Keto and any whatever-lifestyle-is-in-trend compliant (unless there’s an anti-coffee lifestyle in the future, but who would do that to themselves? Not you.)
  • STRONG: Our coffee has 25mg of caffeine per oz. That’s more than double the strength of your average cup of coffee, and roughly half the strength of your average bear (unverified, but definitely possible).
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Listing ID: 97353
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